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Positive Mindset

Positive mindset

Your mind can be your enemy or your best friend. If you are negative and complaining, your quality of life, whatever you are experiencing, will deteriorate. If your mind is happy, grateful and optimistic, then your quality of life, whatever your circumstances, will be better.

Positive and negative emotions cannot be present in your mind at the same time. There is always one that dominates. It is your responsibility to let the positive emotions dominate in abundance.

When you recognise that it is you who is releasing the emotion, that you are the owner of that process, then you are taking the most important step. All kinds of impulses reach your subconscious all day long without you realising it. Try to avoid all negative influences as much as possible and program your subconscious with positive thoughts. Negativity is three times stronger than positivity.

Energy is the key to a healthy positive mind. When you have little energy, for example due to poor sleep, an unhealthy diet or too many energy-consuming activities, your brain starts to complain. You are then more likely to become negative. With a positive mind, your mood is less likely to be ruined by a setback.