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Burnout Symptoms

Burnout Symptoms

In a world where we are constantly 'on', it is sometimes difficult to put your foot on the brake. This has to do with habit, habituation, what we have been taught and the nature of the beast. Relaxation is something that often comes last. You often come across texts saying that if you don't work hard, you won't get what you want. But that is, of course, an old belief. In the end, it is about the quality of your life. If you do everything with love and pleasure, life will come to you naturally. In this society of always going, we quickly pass by ourselves. The important things then end up in the background, of which you yourself are the main subject.
We go on and on, without pausing for a moment. Without taking a moment's rest, until we are forced to stop due to illness or burn-out. If you end up in a burn-out, it is very difficult to surrender to what is there. You are still 'on', and your engine is still running. And when your body says you have to stop, your head does not want to believe it.

* Burnout *

People often talk badly about burnouts, but in fact your body is so intelligent that it knows when to put the brakes on if you have gone too far. In the first weeks, or months, you are still in a "do" state. At those moments you are constantly in conflict with yourself about continuing and / or taking a rest. You get the feeling that you are failing or weak, while nothing is less true. Because you have been so incredibly strong by maintaining it for so long, to let it come so far that your body had to intervene. You have had such a fighting mentality in you all this time just to "have to" go ahead of yourself and not want to give in to peace.

And then it happens. Then you end up in a burnout. And what do you do then? All thoughts go through your mind and you are only blaming yourself and trying to understand what is wrong with you mentally. You don't know what's going on, because you've never had this. Everything and everyone is too much and clear thinking is no longer there. The doctor says you have a burnout, you have heard the term before, but never believed that. Until you are bothered by it yourself ... well, and then? What do you do then?

Crying for nothing, panic attacks, depression, powerlessness, being tired and all other feelings and emotions that come out. The cesspool of sadness, anger and frustration that opens up, and in the meantime you feel powerless and try to regain control with everything. But that's it, you have lost control. About yourself, your emotions, your feelings, your life, everything ...

* Restarting the fight *

If you end up in a burn-out, you start the fight again. This time you will fight with yourself and the acceptance that you do not want to give in to. Because you are still "on", you do not know how to respond and act. And you will again be in a fight with yourself. All these years you have done something in a certain way, and now you just have to give up? Just give in to everything that happens to you? Just accept that your body no longer wants? Allow all that sadness, frustration and anger that come up? Part of you doesn't want that at all and doesn't know how to do that, because you have always put everything away so nicely.

Another part will fight again against everything that presents itself. What do you have to give up? Why does everything feel that way? What do you want? In the first few months your body and head are still set to do things, that it is difficult to get into real relaxation. Certainly with all the emotions that come with it, emotions that you have not felt or wanted to feel for a long time. You get physical complaints that you did not know existed. You feel that you have completely lost the goal in your life and you are trying to find a way in the whole process that has brought you here.

* Burn-out literally stops you *

If you get a burnout, then you are literally stopped. As if the battery is literally pulled out to be able to recharge. But during a burnout, your head is still going full steam ahead, and you can't manage everything so quickly. This is also part of the process.

The intention is that you start to live more slowly and slowly come to a halt again. The purpose of a burnout is to remove the plug so that you come back to yourself. That you go back to your heart with a burnout. Something that should have happened for a long time. You are supposed to listen to the needs of your body again, without ignoring the signals (something you have done all those years). The idea is that you start thinking about life, and look and especially feel whether this is the way you want to keep going.

Perhaps there are other ways that are more loving to you and your body and mind. That you will do everything out of love for yourself and that you will not lose sight of yourself. You are supposed to learn to live from the heart again, because that is where the most beautiful things happen and the most beautiful creations come about. Only in peace can you oversee things and your life, and will solutions come naturally. Only at rest can your creativity flow again, which can and will bring you so much more.

* Go back to "real" life *

It's so important to find a balance in your life so that you don't walk past yourself again. A balance in which tranquility is perhaps the main factor that will take you further than if you are always 'on'. Rest and listening to your body are perhaps the highest priority that you can pursue in order to have a happy life. People always think that you can and will only achieve things if you work hard for it. But then they find out at an older age that they have wasted all their time on things that matter less.

It's not always about money and work, it's about making time for yourself, your family, your friends, and everything around it. It is an illusion to think that only money makes you happy. People only work harder to be able to go on vacation as often as possible. They work to relax after the stress. Or to be able to buy things that can temporarily bring happiness. But we forget that consciously creating rest ensures that you can enjoy life again at every moment and every day. Without the pressure of the rat race, and without the pressure of society, and the pressure that you have created yourself.
Burnout How can you prevent it
* The way to rest *

Rest helps to put things into perspective, enjoyment, relax and be there without life passing by. Rest helps your body to listen to the needs that present themselves every moment. It also helps you to live more from spontaneity, instead of meeting obligations and expectations. Spontaneity that can and will give your life more fulfillment, because every moment is and will be a surprise. All expectations and promises expire when you can do what you want, at any time. Based on your needs, because freedom comes from that. By just taking a few steps, you will already experience more freedom. Something we all long for, right?

The rest comes naturally when you are back in flow with yourself and life. If you have allowed the rest to "be" there. When you have embraced the balance of life, so that you can be happy again in peace. So are you willing to take those steps so that you can be happy again?

We work with special burnout coaches who can support you in all areas.

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