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Personal Training Amsterdam



Are you looking for Personal training Amsterdam? You can find us in Amsterdam Zuid regio de Pijp. We are certified hormone factor trainers, our specializations are slimming, building muscle mass, fitter/healthier, gaining weight and pregnancy.

As your Personal Trainer we do everything we can to achieve your goal. This is all about a good balance in terms of food intake, exercise and relaxation.

Personal Training Amsterdam and small group training

Training, nutrition, stress reduction and mental strength

We provide clear guidelines in the field of training, nutrition, recovery, stress reduction and mental strength. You will start to feel better step by step because there will be customized adjustments every week to improve your lifestyle.

Balancing hormones

All of this with the aim of getting your hormones back in balance in a natural way in order to strive for a healthy body composition, health and fitness. Hormones can, among other things, determine how you feel, what you store fat on and how quickly you create muscle mass. Certain hormones must be boosted and some inhibited. In this way we work towards a balance in hormone balance so that your goals are achieved.

Stomach/intestinal complaints, diabetes, burn out, high/low blood pressure, autoimmune disease or menopause

We can also help you to reduce various complaints in a natural way, such as stomach / intestinal complaints, diabetes, burn out, high / low blood pressure, autoimmune disease or the menopause.

Personal, result-oriented, challenging, varied, familiar and pleasant

The training courses are personal, result-oriented, challenging, varied, familiar, fun and can be scheduled at any time from Monday to Sunday.

Central is how you can generate and maintain maximum results.

1 on 1 support, group setting for max. 2 people, tailor-made advice

The guidance does not stop after giving a training, but it is precisely the hours around the training that are of great importance for the result. These hours are entered by means of communication via e-mail and / or telephone. All this can therefore be 1 on 1 but also in groups for max. 2 people. You can also opt for a one-off consultation (customized advice), this can be done both in real life and behind the computer.

Personal trainer at your home?

Personal trainer for Health provides personal training at home in various regions within North Holland. Slimming down, becoming stronger or improving your condition in your own familiar environment. With our guidance we help you achieve your goals.

If you have decided to make a change in your lifestyle, take it contact and make a no-obligation appointment for a personal training in Amsterdam, then we will make a personal plan together.

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