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Strengthen the immune system

Strengthen the immune system

Some tips to strengthen your immune system.

Unfortunately the media doesn't talk much about strengthening your immune system when this is so extremely important. A good immune system ensures that your body can handle a lot and fights diseases / bacteria / viruses.

1. Focus on a healthy night's sleep with plenty of deep sleep moments. Between 7 and 9 hours is enough for adults. Your immune system will be disturbed if you have too little quality sleep. An hour less sleep already has an increased chance of getting sick. Create a fixed sleep rhythm and provide a relaxing evening ritual so that stress does not give you too much energy. Avoid too much (blue) light in the evening so that your melatonin hormone can be released properly and you can get a good night's sleep. Don't drink caffeine after 15.00 hours. A magnesium supplement in the evening can also contribute to a good night's sleep. This is because magnesium activates neurotransmitters that are responsible for relaxing body and mind. Because of this you will experience a deeper sleep and you will be able to sleep better.

2. Eating fast sugars instantly lowers your immune system. If you sit at home so much, it may be more difficult to keep eating healthy, but get sugary products into your home as little as possible. Give your health priority and know what you are doing this for. 

3. Boost your immune system with extra fruit and vegetables. Organic slowjuiced juices with no less than 400 grams of vegetables are the perfect addition and tasty too. You can keep them in your freezer or in your fridge for a few days (they are frozen immediately after pressing). You can also buy shots especially for your immune system with garlic (natural antibiotics), blackcurrant (highest in antioxidants) and ginger (inhibits inflammation).. TO ORDER HERE

4. Move enough! Go outside for a nice walk or bike ride and let your vitamin D flow. Vitamin D is proven effective for a healthy and strong immune system. You can also take extra vitamin C and zinc as a supplement. Vitamin C and zinc are both antioxidants that help protect your body against harmful external influences and maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. You can also enjoy sports at home and join the group lessons on the Fresh Fitness Facebook page.

The online group lessons can be done at any time! We can also create a customized home training schedule.

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With sporty greetings,

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Personal Trainer for Health

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