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Leptin hormone and lose weight

Leptin and ghrelin are hormones that should be in balance with each other, they both work when it is needed on satiety (leptin) and hunger (ghrelin). In this piece more about the leptin hormone and weight loss.

Leptin is indeed a very important hormone when it comes to losing weight. The main role of leptin is regulation of the long-term energy balance, i.e. the amount of calories we eat and burn and how much fat we store.
Leptin ensures that we do not overeat or eat too little. This hormone is made in the fat cells, so you would say the more fat you have the more leptin hormone and therefore enough satiety from food. However, many people with a high fat percentage suffer from a leptin resistance. If you produce too much leptin for a long time, your body becomes insensitive to this hormone and you have little feeling of satiety. The chance that you want to eat more is high. With a high fat percentage, you often also have a high ghrelin hormone so that you want to eat more. You are therefore out of balance and losing weight will be difficult.

If you want to lose weight you want to be saturated enough during the day if you are in a negative calorie balance (eat less kcal than you consume). Otherwise your willpower will run out faster (exhaustible source) and you will fall back into a positive calorie balance.

Do not follow strict diets! When you follow long crash diets, your leptin and ghrelin hormone are actually disrupted, so that you no longer feel good or are saturated or hungry. So this is doomed to fail in the long term.

For leptin to function properly, it is important that not too many triglycerides circulate in your body. These are particles of fat in your bloodstream. Increase in triglycerides is mainly due to alcohol, all sugars (mainly refined and fructose), junk food and processed food. To get your feeling of saturation back on track you need to lower the number of triglycerides. So be careful with sweet fruit (fructose). Moderate use of alcohol, think of enough proteins, healthy fats, fiber-rich food and reducing carbohydrates is a very good step to become more sensitive to leptin and to be more saturated. Do you want to know more about your own hormonal status? Check PersonalTrainerforHealth Or send a mail to personaltrainerforhealth@gmail.com

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