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Personal Trainer Amsterdam: Discover the Exceptional Approach at Personal Trainer for Health

Unique Expertise in Amsterdam South, West and North

Are you looking for a female Personal Trainer in Amsterdam? Meet Denise and Daniëlle of Personal Trainer for Health, the experts in Personal Training in Amsterdam Zuid (De Pijp), West and Noord. With a passion for health and well-being, they offer a unique approach that goes beyond physical training.

More than Personal Trainers: Your Personal Support Team

At Personal Trainer for Health, Denise and Daniëlle understand that your health journey is unique. That's why they go beyond traditional personal training. In addition to being certified personal trainers, they are also coaches, dietitians and hormone factor trainers. They act as your personal supporters, making your path to success not only effective, but also enjoyable.

Our Award-Winning Approach: Dream Body and Healthier Lifestyle

Want a tighter body, more energy, or just a healthier lifestyle? Personal Trainer for Health is ready to exceed your goals. Discover how their award-winning approach can help you achieve your dream body and improve your overall well-being. Invest in yourself and take the first step to success with Personal Trainer for Health.

Free Trial: Personal Invitation

And here's the exciting part: Denise and Daniëlle personally invite you for a free trial consultation! During this call, you can learn about their approach, discuss your goals and discover how Personal Trainer for Health can shape your health journey.

Start Your Health Journey Today

Are you ready to begin your health journey? Request your free trial consultation today and discover what is possible with Personal Trainer for Health. Invest in yourself and experience the expertise of professionals who are not only your personal trainers, but also your personal support team for a healthier and happier life.


Best personal trainer Amsterdam

Over 15 years ago, Denise felt very unhappy and insecure. She struggled with obesity, intestinal problems and had frequent migraines. Seeking change and a slice of happiness in life, her passion for fitness, personal training and nutrition was born.

Now, many years later, she beams with pride. Proud of her improved health, fitness and self-assurance. She experiences happiness on a daily basis. Denise has not only lost over 18 kg, but her fat percentage has also dropped significantly, by 19%. With numerous trainings, practical experience and as an expert by experience, she guides her clients with love.

Danielle personal trainer and dietician in Amsterdam

Danielle began her career as a dietitian and health and vitality coach in a general practice. After working in this industry for over 8 years, she decided to retrain as a personal trainer and traded the office for the gym.

With numerous post-graduate courses, she is able to guide her clients both scientifically and holistically on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and relaxation, with the ultimate goal of connecting long-term success and happiness.


HBO Sport, Management & Entrepreneurship (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
HBO Food & Dietetics
Trainer Hormone Factor
(hormone coach Sonnevelt Opleidingen)
Perfect Performance Sports Clinics by Guy Droog and Dogan Tekin
Personal Trainer (Expertise Centre Sport and Health)
Evocircadian coach
16 different (post) HBO courses: Sports nutritionist (Expertise Centre Sport and Health), Obesity, eating addiction and behavioural change (Start 2 Move) & (pre) Diabetes and Obesity exercise counsellor (EEFA), Diabetes and Nutrition/Gehaviour
Insulin Resistance, COPD and Nutrition, Carbohydrate Restriction, Elderly and Malnutrition
The high-protein diet, The importance of muscle mass, Overweight and obesity, Arthritis and rheumatism
CVRM and nutrition, Food allergies, FODMAP diet, Gastrointestinal disorders
Behaviour and behavioural change, Nutrition and sports
Certified Fitness Trainer + (Royal Dutch Strength Sport and Fitness Federation)
Mylogenics release (completion) (Overload Worldwide) and FitVak
In addition, lectures and workshops are held regularly.


Slimming down, experiencing more happiness, building muscle mass, getting fitter/healthier, gaining weight and pregnancy (including getting pregnant and recovering after your pregnancy). We have recently become mothers ourselves with a healthy pregnancy and exceptional delivery. We offer guidance you with personal training on strength training, nutrition, supplementation and mindset for during and after your pregnancy.
We can help you with the following pathologies and/or complaints: menopause, PMS, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, PDS/other intestinal problems, Diabetes, COPD, CVRM (hypertension, hypercholesterolemia or other cardiovascular diseases), Parkinson's, Burn-out, Testosterone increase, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatism, Gout and eating disorders. For the above specializations, several refresher courses have been followed at the college level. For physical complaints such as back / knee and shoulder, it is possible to book a personal trainer who is also trained as a physiotherapist.

Staying fit during pregnancy


As female personal trainers in Amsterdam, we work holistically, scientifically and with orthomolecular principles to restore your hormonal balance. Our belief in the body's self-healing ability is reflected in our approach. It is essential to gently adjust your lifestyle so that it becomes authentic and fits you seamlessly.

We find the promises of being fit, healthy and happy in 30 days implausible. If you take more time, your body makes less cortisol (the stress hormone) and you can maintain your new lifestyle forever.

Consistently high cortisol production leads to an imbalance, with other essential hormones being produced less and symptoms of symptoms emerge.

Do you recognize your symptoms? And are you ready to choose for yourself and your health? As female personal trainers and lifestyle coaches, we are ready to guide you in all areas to a healthy, fit and happy life, allowing you to enjoy yourself longer.


There are several reasons why it may be wise to hire a personal trainer in Amsterdam:

  1. Customized training program: A personal trainer can create a training plan tailored to your individual goals, abilities and limitations, resulting in a more effective and safe workout.
  2. Motivation and accountability: As a lifestyle coach and personal trainer, we make sure you stay motivated and held accountable for achieving your goals.
  3. Efficiency: Learn to perform the most effective workouts to get results in less time.
  4. Variation and challenge: Add variety and challenge yourself to push boundaries for more interesting and challenging workouts.
  5. Skill enhancement: Work on improving your technique and learn new skills to improve performance and prevent injury.


Personal Trainer Amsterdam at RTL 4


Our trainers are not just trainers; they are passionate health and fitness experts. With their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge, they know exactly how to guide you to the most optimal version of yourself. They not only serve as a guide in achieving your fitness goals, but also act as your personal coach for a healthy lifestyle. They strive not only to improve your physical strength and fitness, but also to work with you to create a healthy lifestyle that seamlessly fits your needs. Whether you prefer a male personal trainer or a female personal trainer, we have the expertise and dedication to make your health and fitness goals a reality.

Personal coach Personal Trainer for Health

Personal Coach for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to lose a lot of fat. Even a strict diet can only lead to weight gain and health issues in the long run. But what does work to finally achieve that body and health you envision?

How do you ensure that you not only lose fat, but also become fitter and healthier? The answer is closer than you think....

Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in this. How important is your body and health to you? If you really want to make a change in your life, personal training is the solution. Feel free to contact Personal Trainer for Health in Amsterdam, so together we can make a plan for strength training, nutrition, recovery and the right mindset to achieve your dream results with Personal Training. Our Personal Trainers are available in Amsterdam Zuid (De Pijp) and Amsterdam West.



Hormones (insulin, leptin, ghrelin, cortisol and estrogen) determine your mood, among other things.

Your appetite, the storage of fat, whether muscle mass is built and hormones decide whether or not energy is partially stored as fat on the belly and buttocks. The modern lifestyle can throw hormones out of balance, people start eating more bad processed foods, have the wrong exercise regimen and often too much stress.

Good hormone balance ensures better health

Where the risk of disease is small and you can go through life healthy and happy for a long time. Who wouldn't want that? You can make the choice today to change something about your lifestyle every day to get closer to greater happiness. After a year, these can be 365 small changes that feed you with life's happiness and energy. This doesn't mean you always have to consider your health and your goals.

If you keep at 80%, you will come a long way.

Most importantly, at least you keep it up because you are allowed and willing to deviate from your healthy lifestyle from time to time. When following a diet too strictly, you are peaking. This is almost always followed by another relapse because it takes too much willpower (exhausting) on your part and cannot be maintained. You can call it "short-term happiness," but who gets happy from sitting on a log and being blood cranky from something you can't even sustain? Ultimately, you want a lifestyle that makes you feel happy in the short and long term. We can help you with that.

In the end, we all want to be happy, full of fine energy, vitality and love.

A fit, healthy and strong body contributes a lot to this.

Do you choose the journey to health and happiness?


Fresh Fitness Amsterdam

Markus Torenstra

Denise has been one of Fresh's regulars for years! Many clients are very satisfied with her and very good results are achieved! Denise is a personal trainer who has many sides. She can be strict but also has a listening ear and can motivate you very well. Knows a lot about nutrition and hormone training, a real winner!

testimonial by Eva Personal Trainer Amsterdam

Eve of Rooy

I have been training with Danielle for over a year and I really like it! She is a very good listener, super sweet, remembers literally everything you say and has a good sense of what is possible and when there is room for that extra training! I would recommend her to everyone;
in the field of nutrition/ mindset/ body complaints/ strength training/ cardio! Everything actually.

Sabrina Jabaaij

Sabrina Jabaaij

From personal experience I can say that Daniëlle is a very competent person in her field. Together with Denise, Daniëlle guided me (and still guides me) in my weight loss process after the gastric bypass last June. After 8 months I am now 42 kg lighter, by following a healthy diet and by doing targeted strength training. Dietician, personal trainer, coach and above all top woman (!), all in one.
You are a star! 💪🏻

Testimonial Sanne Pasman

Sanne Pasman

A year ago I started working out with Denise. I had given birth to my second child 2 months before and was completely out of shape. I had taken it well during my pregnancies and was over 10 pounds heavier than before. But I was extremely motivated to lose weight so that I would be completely "in shape" at my planned wedding 10 months later. Without Denise I would never have succeeded. Denise is really a top personal trainer and definitely the best in Amsterdam.

Training at Personal Trainer for Health Amsterdam

Jolijn van de Pol

Since the end of August 2016 I started working with a personal trainer Denise Hamelijnck - Den Ouden! Since I was a bit insecure about my "dancer's body" I wanted to do something about it to literally and figuratively feel better in my skin!
Meanwhile, 5 months later, with good training and nutrition, I have come from a fat percentage of 27.5 to 17.5 and lost a total of 8.9 kg of fat from my body!

I am quite proud of my results and very happy with my personal trainer! And we will continue!

Testimonial Personal Trainer for Health

Sanne Krijnen

For years I had been walking around with a lot of complaints and being overweight. I had tried everything to combat it, but nothing had really worked. Nobody knew exactly what was going on and what would work. Until I found Denise on the internet about six months ago. I e-mailed my story and in the evening I immediately got an e-mail back with clarity and an appointment. A little doubtful I went there, after all I had seen many people who thought they could help me. But Denise really delivered, she is everything you could want in a personal trainer. I have never been so happy. Thanks a lot Denise.

Review Simon Groen for Personal Trainer for Health

Simon Groen

Denise has been my personal trainer for almost three years. Her expertise, people skills and coaching skills make her the best possible trainer!

Personal Trainer for Health

Mark van Eeuwen

My dear demolition hammer 😛

year of experience
happy customers