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Carbohydrates arm diet

Carbohydrates arm diet

There are different ways to achieve your goal, for example a low-carbohydrate diet. The word diet sounds like something we do temporarily and often has a negative charge. In fact, the word diet only means a change in your diet. We check with a hormonal analysis and nutrition diary whether this diet suits you. It is important that you take a smart approach to this diet and that you do not develop any shortages, because your brain needs carbohydrates;)

With insulin resistance it is essential that the carbohydrates are lowered in order to increase the sensitivity to insulin, we can also help you if you have Diabetes Mellitus, both type I and II.

 Type of carbohydrates, examples:

Potatoes, pulses, pasta, rice, bread and breakfast cereals such as muesli/cruesli

(fruit sugar) Fruit, fruit juice

(All flavoured milk and milk products, such as yoghurt (drinking), custard and fruit curd

(sugar) Sugar, syrup, honey, sweets, cakes, pastries, soft drinks, ice cream

(Dextrose) Dextrose tablets, grape sugar