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Glycemic Index

Glycemic index

The glycemic index indicates the speed at which carbohydrates are processed. The higher the GI, the faster your blood sugar rises. The GI is not the most important thing, that is the GL. That is the glycemic load that takes into account the amount that you eat. For example, carrots is a high GI but a low GL so can be eaten well and have little influence on your blood sugar levels.

List of foods:

 GI per
number of grams
per serving
GL per
glucose10010 gr10
sucrose7010 gr7
honey7010 gr3
lactose4510 gr5
fructose2010 gr2
evergreen with currants (Lu)6638 gr14
popcorn (without sugar)6520 gr8
pastries6057 gr15
chips5550 gr11
chocolate bar (milk)4550 gr12
chocolate bar (Pure > 70% cocoa)2250 gr6,5
peanuts1550 gr1
beer110250 gr14
cola70250 gr19
orange juice (unsweetened)50250 gr13
grapefruit juice (unsweetened)48250 gr11
apple Juice (unsweetened)40250 gr12
tomato juice40250 gr4
millet70150 gr25
couscous (5 min. cooked)65150 gr23
rice (brown parboiled, 20 min. cooked)65150 gr23
rice (basmati, 10 min. cooked)60150 gr23
buckwheat55150 gr16
bulghur48150 gr12
spaghetti (white, 10-15 min. cooked)45180 gr21
spaghetti (whole wheat, gem. cooked)35180 gr16
quinoa35150 gr9,5
french bread (white)9530/60 gr15/30
wheat bread (white)7030/60 gr10/20
wheat bread (whole wheat)7030/60 gr9/18
milk bread (white)6330/60 gr10/20
rye bread (whole grain)6030/60 gr8/16
cornflakes8530/60 gr21/42
melba toast7030 gr16
cream cracker6530 gr13
muesli5530/60 gr10/20
cornstarch7015 gr9,25
arrowroot6315 gr8
brown beans40150 gr6,5
brown lentils30150 gr8
chickpeas30150 gr10
green lentils22150 gr5,5
split peas22150 gr7,5
potatoes and vegetables   
french fries95150 gr22
potatoes (baked)85150 gr26
mashed potatoes85150 gr15
potatoes (cooked)60150 gr14
carrot cooked85100 gr6
broad bean80100 gr5,5
pumpkin75100 gr5
lumps70100 gr2
beets65100 gr5
sweet potato50100 gr10
green pea (fresh)40100 gr4
carrot raw35100 gr2,5
green beans30100 gr1,5
leafy vegetable, all types of lettuce, cabbage,   
mushrooms, onion, tomatoes,   
eggplant, bell pepper, broccoli10 or lower100 gr1 or less
fruit, fresh and uncooked   
watermelon75120 gr6,5
pineapple59120 gr7
apricots57120 gr5
kiwi53120 gr6
banana52120 gr12
mango51120 gr8
grapes45120 gr8
grapefruit45120 gr8
orange42120 gr5
peach42120 gr5
apple40120 gr6
pear40120 gr4
strawberry40120 gr1
plums39120 gr5
cherries20120 gr3
dried fruit   
dates10360 gr42
raisins6460 gr28
figs6160 gr16
apricots3160 gr9
apples2960 gr10
plums2960 gr10
jam (' classic ')6520 gr9
fruit siege (Jam without added sugar)3020 gr2,5
full yogurt35200 gr3
low-fat yogurt35200 gr4
low-fat milk30250 gr4
full milk27250 gr3



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