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Interview with Denise Hamelijnck of Personal trainer for Health


9 questions about her life as a personal trainer:

1:How long have you been working as a personal trainer?

I started as a fitness trainer at Fresh Fitness 10 years ago and through this experience and various trainings I have built up enough confidence to start as an independent personal trainer about 5 years ago. I then started HamelijnckPT (since 2017 Personal trainer for Health).

2:Why did you choose a career as a personal trainer?

I have become a personal trainer because I want to help people become happier with their bodies and thereby become healthier and fitter. 12 years ago I was an insecure girl with overweight, that's why I started looking for possibilities that would work for me. I started to delve into nutrition, health and exercise and I ended up with a dietician who helped me further. I developed such a passion to help people and make them happier that I decided to start training to gain more knowledge. I first applied this knowledge to myself and my family. Ultimately, my goal is to help as many people as possible achieve their goals, just as I did. I am now over 16 kg slimmer and my fat percentage has dropped by around 19%. This has had so much impact on my self-confidence and with it happiness in my life. Being happy is the most important thing for me and I wish everyone the same happiness.

3:Why is being a personal trainer such a fun profession?

The satisfaction when customers reach their goal gives me a great feeling. In addition, it is varied and I have the opportunity to really build a bond with the customer. I can express my passion every day in the areas of fitness, nutrition and mindset. I feel at home in the gym and can really be there for people. Even if they don't like it anymore and I am only a "psychologist" and can offer my support / listening ear. I try to help my customers in as many areas as possible. This makes my work special.

4:What are you specialised in?

I specialize in health, fitness & slimming. I have followed the training hormone factor trainer at Ralph Moorman and can therefore provide my clients with advice based on complaints (hormonal imbalances). I look at which hormones are out of balance and then make a coordinated training program including nutritional and supplementation advice. Hormones can, among other things, determine how you feel, where you store fat, how quickly you create muscle mass and why you have some complaints. Think for example of type 2 diabetes, burn out, intestinal complaints, PMS, PCOS, headache, eczema and autoimmune diseases. To keep my knowledge up to date and to expand, I follow a course every quarter. In addition, I immerse myself daily in the latest insights and developments. A job isn't just a job, it's who I am!

5:What is your target group?

My target group is people who want to work on their health and body and varies from men to women of all ages. I distinguish myself as a personal trainer because I work on a hormonal basis and therefore get a lot of results when it comes to the craziest complaints. In addition, I ensure that clients achieve their goals through my open attitude and pleasant working method.

6:How does a personal training session go?

The training courses are personal, result-oriented, challenging, varied, familiar and fun. The wishes and needs of the customer are always taken into account in a session. We then evaluate the session while enjoying a healthy green smoothie. This way you go away with a healthy vibe.

7:What results are you proud of?

I am proud of all my customers! They all work hard and listen to my advice. One feels super fit after a few weeks of supervision and the other loses more than 20 kg in one year. Everything is possible as long as you go for it and are open to a lifestyle change. In addition, my site contains testimonials from a number of clients with results achieved.

8:What challenge would you like to take on in the future?

I would like to become more known as a personal trainer to help more people and to expand Personal trainer for Health.

9:What do you do to stay in shape?

My partner is a dietician and together we join forces. We challenge each other, eat healthily, devise recipes together, work out 5 times a week and provide the necessary relaxation.

1 Tip of our editors: Take a trial lesson at Denise, you won't be disappointed!