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Bootcamp/Personal/small group training in Krommenie/Assendelft

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Are you looking for bootcamp / personal or small group training? We only work with highly certified trainers.

We work together with the physical therapy practice Free Movement in Krommenie and provide personal and small group training there. We have access to a large room with fitness equipment

The boot camps are given in Saendelft for 2 to a maximum of 4 people. In addition to the workout, we also provide nutritional advice and we measure your body composition

Slimming, getting stronger, working on your health/fitness or improving your fitness? With our guidance we help you achieve your goals

Working together with a friend on your goals. 1 on 1 guidance is of course also possible

Nutrition is often still important for achieving your goal. We work closely with a dietitian and together we make a customized nutrition plan. Here you will look at your hormonal status and you will receive documentation on how you can positively influence your hormones. A detailed nutritional advice with accompanying supplements is included. Your body composition can also be measured

Email: personaltrainerforhealth@gmail.com Phone Number: 075-7850047

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