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Nutritional advice

Nutritional advice | Dietitian Amsterdam

Do you want to know what you can do to get healthy, fit and slim again?

The dietician makes a tailor-made nutrition recommendation based on your hormonal imbalances and goals. You will also receive documentation on hormones with corresponding advice on nutrition and lifestyle. A sample weekly menu with corresponding supplements is also included. We can also measure your body composition(fat percentage, fat mass, weight, centimetres and blood pressure) through extensive body scan equipment or a skinfold measurement at Fresh Fitness in Amsterdam.

Hormones play a tremendously important role in every aspect of health, including thinking and feeling. If you want to lose body fat, sleep better, grow more muscle mass, feel happier, prevent or combat a disease, it is important to have your hormone balance in order. We can come to your home, meet you at the gym or you can opt for online nutritional advice.

Trainer Hormone factor at Ralph Moorman

After various trainings including Trainer Hormone Factor by Ralph Moorman, we can give you the right advice to achieve your goals and enjoy better health, fitness and shape in the short and long term. We use the 80/20 rule. This means that on average you can deviate 20% from your healthy eating pattern to increase your willpower (which is exhaustible) and happiness.

Also online nutritional advice

Don't live nearby? Then you can also use the online nutrition advice. Download the form with the hormonal history here , then download the food diary so that we can gain insight into your diet. After the one-off payment of 79.95 and receipt of the completed three-day diet diary and hormonal history, we will send you documentation, nutritional advice and a menu specially tailored to your needswithin 48 hours .

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