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After having been with the physiotherapist for 7 months due to a hernia, I really had to believe it. The gym! Not something that made me very happy in the past and therefore did not go to the gym. After about 3 months of training, I came into contact with Denise in the gym. She gave me a lot of useful advice about my training schedule and we also got into conversation about nutrition. There was actually a good "click" so I decided to hire her as a personal trainer. After choosing to work out in the gym, this was a very good decision for myself! We now train together once a week. She manages to stimulate me every time and provides varied training. The one time she is just my sports buddy and the other time she is a bit stricter. But in both ways she knows how to get the best out of me! In addition to working out, I also get a lot of advice about nutrition and hormone balance. And, apart from training together, she is always available to me and I can always ask for her advice. Also not unimportant, the results of training and other nutrition are becoming better seen and felt. I feel good and that's what it's all about. And all this thanks to Denise; in short, highly recommended!

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