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Testimonial Sanne Pasman

I started working out with Denise a year ago. I had given birth to my second child 2 months before and was completely out of shape. I had taken it easy during my pregnancies and was over 10 kilos heavier than before. But I was very motivated to lose weight so that I would be completely in shape for my planned wedding 10 months later. Without Denise I would never have succeeded. I immediately connected with her because she is genuinely interested in your story and immediately gives you what you need. Apart from the weekly exercise with her, she provided me with a lot of useful nutritional advice from the start, which has benefited me all my life. I have tried all the diets in my life but they all only work for a short time. In the meantime, I have taught myself a completely different eating pattern. I always looked forward to the weekly training sessions because, in addition to the physical part, there was always room to unload mentally. A kind of sports and coaching at the same time. The training sessions are always tailored to how you feel that day. With two small children at home, I often arrived at Denise's completely exhausted. Fortunately, I didn't get beaten up in the gym, but she knew how to make sure that I could go home with renewed energy after the training. And all that with enormous results. It gives you such a kick to see the centimetres and kilos drop every month when you take your measurements. In total, a few weeks before the wedding I had lost 19 kilos of fat and my fat percentage had dropped from 38.4% to 17.1%. This was more than I could have ever dreamed of. Those around me didn't understand how I managed to do all this. And in the beginning, it was hard to leave out all those yummy things, but at some point you get used to them and you can appreciate a protein bar 😉 And if I sin, it's only for something I really like. Meanwhile, the wedding is 2 months ago and I'm now working hard to find a good balance. I still love good food (and drink) so I want to enjoy it more again. I want to let go of the reins a little without gaining too much weight again. Denise helps me find a good balance and is my big stick. I am so glad that I took the step to Denise and I am super proud of the results that I have achieved together with her.