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Does a protein shake after training make sense? In one word, YES!!

Blog of our personal trainer Milan!

There are many different opinions about how useful it is to quickly consume a protein shake after training, some say you need carbohydrates and proteins, some say only proteins, and some say that a shake has no added value. In this article I will explain why a protein shake with easily digestible proteins can offer added value after training.

Here's why..

After an intense training session, your body will be exposed to catabolism. This is an expensive word for muscle breakdown. To start the recovery process and stimulate muscle growth, your body must quickly return to an anabolic (muscle-building) state.

This is possible by consuming a portion of proteins rich in the right amino acids. The reason a protein shake is ideal for this is because these proteins are easily digested and pass through the stomach quickly. When you have trained heavily, the cortisol level in the body is increased, which slows the passage of the stomach. Other protein sources that are more difficult to digest (such as steak and steak) take many times longer to get through the stomach and will therefore not feed your muscles quickly enough with amino acids.

So always choose a easily digestible protein source after training! Preferably a shake that we serve for you after the training! Would you like to know alternatives? Send an e-mail to personaltrainerforhealth@gmail.com for more information.

Tasty protein shake after a good workout

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