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Testimonial Simon Groen

This touches me. PT customer Simon explains why he voted for me and why I became the best personal trainer in Amsterdam
SPORT: Always a very nice training program: alternating and you feel very well how light or heavy I can train best.
MENTAL: I can go to you with all the subjects I am dealing with and feel very safe to discuss everything with you. You always have a fresh, positive / spiritual, honest vision of things that I contribute.
INSPIRATION: you inspire with tips and lessons in the field of sport and health, and also with everything we exchange. You share a lot of yourself so I always feel real contact. I think you are the best personal trainer in the Netherlands!

Denise Hamelijnck is the personal trainer in Amsterdam! I do not easily keep up with sports, but I do want to stay fit and in proportion. Denise is a very nice trainer, and capable of miracles: I can now keep up! Denise not only has the best professional knowledge in the field of sports and healthy eating, but she also has empathy and a real focus on the mental side of health. she makes the sessions super efficient, while the atmosphere is always relaxed and cozy. Personal training with Denise is one of my best investments!

Simon Groen

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