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740/5000 I have been an active athlete for several years, I went to the gym 3 times a week and I went running once a week. However, the sense in sports began to ebb more and more, because I saw no result and therefore did not feel that I was doing well. I had just switched from a gym and met Denise there. I then saw her regularly accompany people with PT (Personal Training), my interest was then aroused to also follow PT and decided to start a conversation with Denise. After a pleasant conversation in which we had discussed my goals and a hormonal history was taken, we had put the first PT appointment in the agenda. During the first lesson all my values were measured and I was weighed.


My values were then:
Weight: 79.5 kg
Fat percentage: 23.1%
Fat Mass: 18.4 kg
After +/-3 months were my values:
Weight: 78.7 kg
Fat percentage: 15.9% Fat Mass: 12.5 kg.


As you can see, these are very good results that I achieved despite the help of Denise! Denise has given me good and clear nutritional advice based on the Hormone factor and she also provided super guidance during exercise. Every time I received clear instructions so that the exercise / assignment was carried out properly. Should it nevertheless happen that I did not do something properly, then I was corrected or did it so that I could copy it. Denise is social, kind and very skilled in her profession. You can see and notice this every lesson through her professional attitude and all the attention she has for me. She knows how to stimulate me well every time and ensures a good and varied training. One time she is a sports buddy and the other time she is almost a drill sergeant who just gives me that extra boost to get more out of the exercise. Denise feels this very well and therefore it is very nice to have her as a personal trainer. Thanks to Denise's help I got excited about fitness again, so I am again a motivated athlete with a realistic goal. Recommended!

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