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For a number of years I had been walking around with the fact that I was not happy with my body. I am (much) too fat and my condition was also very difficult to find. For someone who used to do a lot of sports like swimming and water polo, that is very frustrating. I also thought it was terrible that my size made me leave more and more things that I enjoy doing (swimming just to mention an example). Last but not least, my mother has diabetes and if I see her struggling to steer it in the right direction then that is really not fun. Given my weight and the fact that diabetes is also hereditary ... I thought that should be prevented. Last August I made the decision. I'd go to the gym. But yes, I had never taken a step in a fitness room, so I had no idea how all these devices work, not to mention the huge amount of different exercises you can do on the mat and with the different weights. In addition to all this, I also have a physical defect at the hips. This causes, among other things, many back complaints. So I thought it was very important to get good guidance. So I started searching for personal trainers on the internet. Via Google I ended up at HamelijnckPT (and therefore Denise). After a first introduction and a tour through the fitness room, we made an initial appointment. She weighed and measured me in 1 of the first appointments (size of arm, leg, waist and hips). Not the most fun thing to do, but if she does it hard for a month and then sweats again, it is very motivating. After 2 months I had lost no less than 5 kg, I had lost 9 cm of the waist and 13.5 cm of the hip size! Every month Denise gives me a new training schedule. I train with her once a week and only once a week. This variety is perfect. I like to go my own way, but training with Denise a few days later is very nice for a change. No training is the same, so it's not boring. The progress is nice to see. Last year I couldn't get up from a chair without using my arms. Right now I do 3 times 8 squats and soon the weights will be added. In addition to all this, she also looks at your eating habits by means of a food diary which you have to enter. Only by filling in you will already become a lot more aware of what you eat. Often much more than you actually think. In addition, she can indicate what you do well in terms of food and what better to adjust. Here too she guides you and gives you tips and tricks that you can apply yourself. She also tries to think along to make it easier for you. For example, I don't like walnuts, but she has come up with a recipe that I do like that contains walnuts (a kind of energy bar with protein powder). You do not only reach your ideal weight through exercise. You can do a lot with (good) food and she pays a lot of attention to this. You really get a total package. I will not lie, it is not easy and not always fun. But it is your health and what is more important than that?

Marijke Onrust

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