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The tastiest and healthiest green smoothies

Green Smoothies

The tastiest and healthiest green smoothies of Personal Trainer for Health

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and raw cocoa in the blender. Optional piece of fruit and approx. 50gr. alfalfa on it

3. Chocolate avocado smoothie: half avocado, 200 ml. almond/soy/coconut milk (possibly dilute with water

powder vanilla, approx. 300 ml of water and then in the blender. Add any raw cocoa or other superfood

2. Parsley/cucumber smoothie: half peeled cucumber, half avocado, 50 grams parsley, 1 scoop protein-

(whey perfection isolate, order here) approx. 300 ml water and then into the blender.

1. Spinach smoothie: 150 grams fresh or frozen spinach, half avocado and 1 scoop protein powder vanilla

If necessary, add raw cocoa or other superfood.